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Hello, my name is Ben Owens, I have been screen printing T-shirts for a living since 1993. 


After working for a few shops in my home state of Arizona, some friends and I decided to start up our own. We set up operations in the garage of our house in Tempe where our customers consisted of bands, skateboard shops, tattoo shops, bars, schools, clubs, and many other small businesses, events,  and organizations.

Eventually the brutal Arizona heat drove me in search of cooler climates where I could practice my craft more comfortably. I landed in Colorado in 1998 where I have been providing the Denver region with quality custom screen printing ever since.


Today my shop and showroom is conveniently located in southwest Denver near I-25 and Alameda. It is operated by myself and my wife Deb Henriksen who is also the purveyor of Equillibrium Sustainable Fashion.


With over 25 years of industry experience, I am confidant that we can help you with your next batch of custom t-shirts for any occasion.

Thanks for looking. Quality guaranteed!

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