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Custom Screen Printing Denver Colorado

We are a full service textile screen printer, specializing in wholesale bulk production of custom printed t-shirts. 


We are open to the public. We have minimum order requirements

depending on your artwork specifics. We do prefer to supply and procure the products from our prefered wholesale suppliers. Customer provided goods may be accepted depending on the specifics of the project, please inquire for more information.


For a price quote email: 

Please include an idea of the following specifics:  

  - Number of t-shirts in the order.  

  - Brand / Style / Color / of t-shirts.

  - Number of colors in each print.

  - Number of prints on each shirt.

  - A sample of your artwork is very helpful.

  - Anything else you think we should know.

Trade rates available for brokers and brands. Contact for more information.


Please use these links for our preferred sources of quality blank apparel:

S&S Activewear

Alpha Broder

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